DIAS Modelling Framework Training

The ACCS will be hosting a 3 day training course on the DIAS modelling framework.  The course will be held at The University of Queensland, St. Lucia Campus, Brisbane from Tuesday 19th -
Thursday 21st July 2005.

DIAS is a framework for modelling and simulation of dynamic, complex systems. More information is available on the DIAS website: www.dis.anl.gov/projects/dias.html

The cost of the course is $1300 (some funding may be available for ACCS participants).

DIAS is Java based, so while there will be a Java refresher as part of the course, some Java or general software engineering experience is a prerequisite for the course.

Additional information, including program detail, will be made available here as they are finalised.  For further details, contact Leighton Brough.

Preliminary Program Description

Course Modules

  1. DIAS History and Evolution
  2. DIAS Framework Overview
  3. The “DIAS Design Process”
  4. RCW Example – DIAS Design Process
  5. DIAS Model Integration Process
  6. Simulation Management and Distributed Architecture
  7. FACET Social Modelling Framework
  8. ANL Utilities Package
  9. Spatial Data Sets
  10. JeoViewer
  11. Coding Guidelines and exercise

The third day will be spent on coding and a worked example in the lab. You may wish to bring your laptop if you have one.

We will be providing a CD for each participant.  It will have the needed software on it for this worked example, so they will have a hands-on experience, and will also include the Java API for DIAS

A set of course notes will cover all of the above modules. The notes will also include some introductory material on the DIAS paradigm.

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