Visiting Speaker: Professor Peter Fritzson
Model-driven engineering of complex systems
6th March 2008

Seminar with Geoff Dromey
Research commercialisation: Lessons from a personal winding road
29th August 2008

ACCS Seminar: Confirmation Seminar
Managing performance in complex health care systems using an agent based model as a decision support tool, Ashok Kanagarajah
21 May 2008

Visiting Speaker: Professor Daniel Kaplan
Untangling causation in complex systems
29 May 2008

ACCS Seminar: Confirmation Seminar
Advanced Computational Techniques for Electricity Market Analysis considering Sustainable Energy Supply Issues, Xun Zhou
3rd April 2008

Visiting Speaker: Rodolfo Baggio
Network analysis of a tourism destination
18 January 2008

Visiting Speaker: Dr Anil Wipat
How can e-Science and Grid technology benefit bioinformatics?
9 January 2008

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group Weekly Meeting
Empirical Studies in Software Engineering
26 November 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting and Confirmation Seminar
In-situ Distributed Genetic Programming for On-line Learning in Complex Systems, Philip Valencia
29th November 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting and Confirmation Seminar
Generation Computational Modelling for Studying Signalling Mechanisms behind Autoregulation of Nodulation, Liqi Han
22 November 2007

ACCS Training Seminar
How to generate income from Intellectual Property arising from your research, Dr. Paul Sernia
8th November 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Microsoft Office uses and abuses, Ariel Liebman
5th November 2007

Visiting Speaker: Miika Valtonen
Pervasive Measurement Systems for Intelligent Environments
25 October 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
Generation investment project evaluation under carbon price uncertainty, Ariel Liebman
1 November 2007

ACCS Special Training Seminar and Weekly Meeting
Optimisation methods for power system planning and operations, Joe (Z.Y.) Dong
4 October 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Driven development and the Eclipse Modelling Framework, Jrn Guy S
24 September 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Why my programming language is better than yours, Leigthon Brough
1 October 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Introduction to XSL & reasons why you should consider using it, Simon Raboczi
17 September 2007

ACCS Weekly Seminar
Modelling air traffic control systems using learning agents, Morgan Smith
13 September 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Interactive debuggers considered harmful, Andrae Muys
10 September 2007

Seminar with KY Steven Chen
A methodology for training a team of agents and its application to a problem in air traffic control
6 September 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
High level mathematical modeling and parallel/GRID computing with Modelica using OpenModelica, Peter Fritzon
6th September 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Modelica tools and experience - creating a new programming environment or an equation-based language, and bootstrapping its compiler. Peter Fritzson
3 September 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
Overview of logic functions for Cis-regulatory modules, John Hawkins
30 August 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
Simulating the change in profit expectations using an agent based network model, Paul Bell
23 August 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
PSP,Paul Stockwell
20th August 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
SWT, Mark Wakabayashi
13 August 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
Air traffic control: Intra sector complexity, Ariel Liebman
9 August 2007

ACCS Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Thoughts on the Pedro development, Peter Robinson
6 August 2007

ACCS Weekly Meeting
Simplifying complexity
2 August 2007

Visiting speaker: Peter Fritzson
High level mathematical modeling and simulation with Modelica and the OpenModelica open source implementation
26 July 2007

Seminar with Sam MacAulay
'Discovering' small worlds in potentially biased networks: A methodological critique
19 July 2007

Visiting Speaker: Dr Reid Porter
Digital neural networks in image and video analysis
12 July 2007

Visiting Speaker: Colin Enticott
How to use Nimrod
26 June 2007

Short talks for Complex'07
28 June 2007

Visiting Speaker: Prof Gene Cooperman
Using parallel disk-based computing: a new record for computer-generated solutions to Rubik's Cube
26 June 2007

Seminar with Simon Connelly
An agent based approach to examining shared situation awareness
7 June 2007

Seminar with Dr Lukas Skoufa, UQ School of Business
Strategic options facing generation firms in restructured electricity industries: Some implications from recent Australian experience
24 May 2007

Invited Speaker: Prof Gerard Milburn
Quantum Complex Systems
3 May 2007

Seminar with Dr Yucang Wang
Earthquake as a complex phenomenon: Some recent developments about earthquake occurrence, modelling and forecasting
22 March 2007

Visiting Speaker: Greg McDonald, Airservices Australia
Airservices' perspective on tailored arrivals
15 March 2007

Visiting Speaker: Paul Ormerod, Volterra Consulting
Cascades of failure and extinction in evolving complex systems
8 March 2007

Visiting Speaker: Mark Bowden
Information contagion and financial prices
1 March 2007

Visiting Speaker: Prof Andrew Ford, Washington State University, USA
Boom and bust in power plant construction: Lessons from the California electricity crisis
22 February 2007

Visiting Speaker: Prof Andrew Ford, MIT Sloan School of Management, USA
System dynamics and the electric power industry
23 February 2007

Visiting speaker: Len Bass
Len Bass from Carnegie Melon University, USA will be speaking about ArchE, a tool for the architect
16 February 2007

Visiting Speaker: Dr Jennifer Hallinan
Creating and analyzing integrated probabilistic functional networks of Omics Data
13 December 2006

Swarms of visitors
Jrme Buhl and Audrey Dussutour will be presenting seminars Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd November on their favorite swarming insects, locusts and ants.

Visiting speaker: Dr Paul Simshauser
The dynamic efficiency gains from introducing capacity payments in the National Electricity Market
7 Dec 2006

Seminar with Kyang-Yuan Chen
A methodology for training teams of agents and its application to a problem in air traffic control
16th November 2006

Visiting Speaker: Garrison W. Greenwood
Mimicking army ant swarm raids to search large continuous spaces for global optima
8 November 2006

Seminar with Ariel Liebman
Quantifying the market benefits of CSIRO's Demand side management technology
2nd Nov 2006

Seminar with Mark Bowden
The effect of confirmatory bias on the forming of expectations
14 September 2006

Visiting Speaker: Carlos Espinosa
From gene networks to flowers: Results from dynamic models
7th September 2006

Visiting Speaker: Rodolfo Baggio
The Web Graph of a complex tourism system
24 August 2006

Seminar with Scott Bolland
How to self-teach a young robotic dog new tricks: an exploration in developmental robotics
17 August 2006

Seminar with David Israel
Software Licencing Models
3 August 2006

Seminar with Jennifer Stow
Sticking together - the only way to eat your lunch and prevent cancer
31 July 2006

Seminar with Mikael Boden
Classifying sequence data with kernels: How to make really good machine learning algorithms really, really bioinformatics friendly
26 July 2006

Seminar with Michael Ward
Complex systems challenges in healthcare
24 July 2006

Seminar with Flora Yu-Hui Yeh
Practical Techniques in Probabilistic Active Learning
22 June 2006

Seminar with Mark Bowden
The effects of social interaction and herd behaviour on the formation of agent expectations
1st June 2006

Seminar with Prof Bernard Degnan
Reconstruction the ancestral metazoan genome: structural and functional aspects of the sponge genome
25 May 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Testing research software: Nonsense or necessity, Stefan Maetschke
22 May 2006

Seminar with Lars Grunske
'Good' architectural design alternatives with multi-objective optimization strategies
19 May 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
A simulation tool modelling air traffic controllers' behaviour using the operator choice model, Junhua Wang
15 May 2006

Visiting speaker: Luis R. Izquierdo
Is your model susceptible to floating-point errors?
11 May 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Neurosphere Lab: A case study in simulation software development, Mark Wakabayashi
9 May 2006

Seminar with Simon Connely
Modelling Biological Interactions with Formal Methods
6 April 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Special-purpose modelling language vs general-purpose programming, Jim Hanan
3 April 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Research vs Commercial Software Development: are there strategies that can be transferred, Nikki Appleby
27 Mar 2006

Visiting Speaker: Hartmut Schmeck
Organic computing - Visions and challenges
23 Mar 2006

Visiting Speaker: L. Andrew Coward
A Systems Architecture Approach to the Brain: From Neurons to Consciousness
13 Mar 2006

Seminar with Gary Eves & Todd Churchward
High performance computing infrastructure
2 March 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Agile software development for Air Traffic Control simulation, Ariel Liebman
24 Feb 2006

Seminar with Tim Kastelle
Measuring Globalisation: A Complex Systems Approach to Tracking the Evolution of International Trade
16 Feb 2006

Seminar with Andre Leier
Evolving genetic regulatory networks performing as oscillators and switches in the stochastic regime
9 Feb 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Pragmatic Software Engineering in the Visible Cell Project, Lindsay Hood
10 Feb 2006

Seminar with Robert McLeay
Hybrid petri nets: An approach to modelling biological systems
2 Feb 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Economic Simulations in DIAS and Software Engineering Practices, Leighton Brough
27 Jan 2006

Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group
Of Application Frameworks, GRN Simulations and Software Engineering, Daniel Bradley
17 Jan 2006

Seminar with Peter Lindsay
Trip report: Air Traffic Management research in Europe
8 Dec 2005

Visiting Speaker: John McDermid
Model-Based Software Development for Safety-Critical Systems
1 Dec 2005

Visiting Speaker: Tim Kovacs
Strength or Accuracy? Credit assignment in Classifier Systems
30 Nov 2005

Seminars with Katie Duczmal & Lars Grunske
Agent-based Virtual Insects,
Automated Failure Mode and Effect Analysis...
24 Nov 2005

Visiting Speaker: Paul Ormerod
21st Century Economics
21 Nov 2005

Seminar with Katie Duczmal
Investigation of Two Java-based Simulation Frameworks to use for Agent Based Modelling - DIAS and JACK
17 Nov 2005

Visiting Speaker: Ryan McAllister
Agistment networks: Complex systems science, rangelands, and resource heterogeneity
10 November 2005

Seminar with John Hawkins
Evolutionary game theory with g-functions
3 November 2005

Visiting Speaker: David Batten
Agency and the evolution of diversity
17 October 2005

Seminar with Mark Bowden
Herd behaviour as a source of volatility in financial markets
15 September 2005

Visiting Speaker: Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
A multiscale model of Arabidopsis development: from molecules to plant archiecture
8 September 2005

Visiting Speaker: Silvana Zappacosta
Programming Multi-Agent Systems in Qu-Prolog
1 September 2005

Seminar with Lars Grunske & Students
Airspace simulation with cellular automata
25 August 2005

Visiting Speaker: Melvin Hinich
Estimating Randomly Modulated Periodic Processes Generated from Nonlinear Mechanisms
23 August 2005

Visiting Speaker: Professor Jaime Barcelo
Improvements in Methodological Approaches for Traffic Simulation and their Use in Intelligent Transport Systems
11 August 2005

Seminar with Andrew Smith
Text information modelling as a complex system?
11 August 2005

Seminar with Simon Connelly
Investigating shared situation awareness using agent-based modelling
5 August 2005

Seminar with Tim Rudge
Untangling the multiple mechanisms of plant morphogenesis
4 August 2005

Seminar with Nic Geard
Evolving gene regulatory networks for cellular morphogenesis
28 July 2005

Visiting Speaker: Phil Hugenholtz
Comparative Metagenomics
9 July 2005

Visiting Speaker: Prof Kit Po Wong
Enhanced evolutionary programming for optimal reactive power flow problem
30 June 2005

Visiting Speaker: Neil Diamond
Experimental design from a statistical perspective
20 June 2005

Seminar with Jennifer Hallinan
From node activation to network dynamics...
16 June 2005

Seminar with Anne Street
Marking the Queensland Core Skills Test...
6 June 2005

Seminar with Zhao Dong
Transmission pricing for a competitive electricity market...
26 May 2005

Seminar with Stuart McDonald
Numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations
19 May 2005

Visiting Speaker: Zhiming Lu
Real-time and fault-tolerance specification, verifications, refinement and scheduling.
17 May 2005

Seminar with Mikael Boden
Protein traffic control
12 May 2005

Seminar with Peter Lindsay
Presentation on recent Complex Adaptive Systems in Defence Workshop...
28 April 2005

Visiting Speaker: Peter Roebeling
Efficiency in Great Barrier Reef Water Pollution Control: A Case Study for the Douglas Shire
21 April 2005

Seminar with Jason Potts
The allocation of complexity
14 April 2005

Seminar with Janet Wiles
Complex systems from genes to behaviour: Tools and techniques in simulation modeling
7 April 2005

Visiting Speaker: Keith Clark
BDI agents with teleo-reactive plans
1 April 2005

Seminar with Larry Wen
Scale-free networks, algorithms and complex software systems
24 March 2005

Seminar with Lars Grunske & Katie Duczmal
Model translation in XML
Extending ATM Models in Prolog
17 March 2005

Seminar with John Hawkins
Recurrent neural network architectures for preditcting the fates of proteins
15 March 2005

Visiting Speaker: Ferenc Szidarovszky
Cournot Models: Dynamics, Uncertainty and Learning
10 March 2005

Seminar with Kate Morrison
Asset Price Dynamics Under Networked Expectations
3 March 2005

Visiting Speaker: Mark Neal
Optimisation of a whole farm model
17 February 2005

Visiting Speaker: Peter Allen
Modelling dynamic interactions between complex economic, social and ecological systems
1 Dec 2004

Visiting Speakers: Jonathan Roberts & Philip Valencia
Robotics and Complex Systems
25 November 2004

Visiting Speaker: Prof Peter Campbell
Application of the Dynamic Information Architecture System (DIAS) to the simulation of several complex adaptive systems using agents.
23 Nov 2004

Seminar with John Hawkins
Overview of the NECSI Summer School
31 August 2004

Visiting Speaker: Alan McKane
Evolving complex food web
19 August 2004

Visiting Speaker: Prof Anne van den Nouweland
Network formation models with costs for establishing links
26 July 2004

Seminar with Nic Geard
GRN Literature Review
6 April 2004

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