ACCS Free Flight ATM Workshop

ACCS Free Flight ATM Workshop

A half-day workshop will be held to report progress on ACCS and related projects concerned with modelling and simulation of air-traffic management concepts. All welcome...

Time & date: 9:00-12:30 Thursday 7 October 2004

Venue: Room 78-420, The University of Queensland

Tentative agenda for the workshop is as follows:

0900  Intro & goals of Free Flight ATM research program
        [Peter Lindsay]
0910  Progress report: ATC Simulator project
        [Peter Robinson]
0950  Progress report: SafeHCI project
        [Peter Lindsay & Simon Connelly]
1020  Break
1040  Operator modelling in Microsaint
        [Sean Ness]
1100  Status report: ATC Workload project
        [Shayne Loft or Andrew Neal]
1120  The Boeing 2020 ATM Operational Concept
        [Peter Lindsay]
1140  Progress report: Free flight operational concepts
        [Martijn Mooij]
1200  Discussion
1230  End

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