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As a special once-off, the discussion group will be on Tuesday afternoon next week.

Place: Room 420, GP South (Building 78)

Time: Tuesday 9th May 2006, 4.00 talk

Title: "Neurosphere Lab: A case study in simulation software development"

Presenter: Mark Wakabayashi, ITEE


Neurospheres are in vitro growths from single neurons into clusters of thousands, and researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute are currently developing mathematical models of this process. Neurosphere Lab is software developed at the University of Queensland for the simulation of neurosphere growth using user-specified models. In addition to providing a platform for the rapid implementation of models, the software provides interactive visualisations of the cell development and resulting three dimensional structure.

The software design and development methodologies behind Neurosphere Lab provide a case study of software development for simulations of complex systems. This talk examines the design of the underlying model specification and simulation system, the design and implementation of interactive visualisations, and the software development processes used. An Agile software development method and the incorporation of software design patterns are presented as a means of rapidly developing extensible software designs.

Bio: Mark Wakabayashi is an honours student in ITEE. This research was begun as a summer scholarship with ACCS and completed as a special topics project in IT.

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