Seminar with Kyang-Yuan Chen

ACCS Weekly Meeting and ACCS PhD Confirmation Seminar

Place: Room 621, GP South (Building 78)

Time: Thursday 16th Nov, 10:30 morning Tea, 11:00am seminar

PhD Confirmation: Kuang-Yuan (KY, Stephen) Chen

Title: A Methodology for Training Teams of Agents and its Application to a Problem in Air Traffic Control

Advisors: Peter Lindsay (UQ) & Hussein Abbass (UNSW@ADFA)


The project will consider the general problem of how machine learning techniques can be adapted to multi-agent team situations in which individuals attempt to optimise their individual performance while contributing to the best overall team performance. More correctly, the focus is on developing a methodology for finding near-optimal solutions with limited computing resources, rather than on finding fully optimal solutions.

The methodology is being developed on a case study from Air Traffic Management. The XCS machine learning technique is being used to develop rules for determining a suitable trajectory for an aircraft to fly. The team of aircraft needs to decide on a set of trajectories that is safe and which optimises system measures.

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