Visiting speaker: Peter Fritzson

Title: High Level Mathematical Modeling and Simulation with Modelica and the OpenModelica Open Source Implementation

Speaker: Peter Fritzson

Place: Room 621/622, GP South (Building 78)

Time:  11:00am seminar

Modelica is a general declarative equation-based object-oriented language for continuous and discrete-event modeling of physical systems for the purpose of efficient simulation. The language unifies and generalizes previous object-oriented modeling languages. The Modelica modeling language and technology is being warmly received by the world community in modeling and simulation. It is bringing about a revolution in this area, based on its ease of use, visual design of models with combination of lego-like predefined model building blocks, its ability to define model libraries with re-usable components and its support for modeling and simulation of complex applications involving parts from several application domains.

In this talk we present the Modelica language and the open-source OpenModelica environment including an electronic notebook system with the DrModelica self-instructing course material, and the free MathModelica Lite graphic editor for graphic modeling.

We also briefly present the Openmodelica Eclipse plugin, the compiler self-bootstrapping strategy, and Eclipse support for model-driven development.

We also briefly mention Biological applications such as biochemical pathways modeled using the free BioChem library with SBML primitives.

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Recent book:
Peter Fritzson
Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica, 939 pages, Wiley-IEEE Press, ISBN 0-471-471631

About the Author:
Peter Fritzson is professor at Linkoping University, Sweden, and director of PELAB - the Programming Environment Lab. He is also chairman of the Scandinavian Simulation Society, Secretary of EuroSim, vice chairman of the Modelica Association, and has published ten books/proceedings and over 170 scientific papers.

Peter is now spending a one year sabbatical at UQ, ACCS, and is interested in possible collaborations.

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