ACCS Weekly Meeting

ACCS Weekly Meeting

Place: Room 621/622, GP South (Building 78)

Time: Thursday 9th August, 10:30 morning Tea, 11:00am seminar

Title: "Air Traffic Control: Intra Sector Complexity"

Speaker: Ariel Liebman


I'll be describing the sector transit timing study we have been conduction as part of the Air Traffic Control program. We are looking for emergent behavior in the distribution of the data for the time it takes aircraft to transit a given sector controlled by an individual controller. We have Real world data and several sets of simulated data. There is a network implied by the controller mediated interaction between the planes..., but what is the best way to analyse the data we have?

Dr. Ariel Liebman
 Research Fellow
ARC Centre for Complex Systems
School of ITEE, University of Queensland
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