Top-ups for APA/UQPRS scholarships

Top-ups for APA/UQPRS scholarships:

The ARC Centre for Complex Systems (ACCS) is offering top-ups to Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) and the University of Queensland Postgraduate Research Scholarships (UQPRS). Successful candidates must study at the University of Queensland in 2005, on a project related to the ACCS's research program, and must be co-supervised (at least) by an active ACCS participant. The top-ups will be of $3-5 000 per annum for the duration of the APA/UQPRS scholarship. The other terms and conditions of ACCS scholarships will apply.

All topics related to the ACCS research program will be considered. Project topics in the following areas are particularly welcome:

  • Genetic regulatory networks: the network structuring & control mechanisms that underlie genetic regulation in cell-level development of biological organisms;
  • Free flight air-traffic control: the operational concepts and tools that will ensure safety and efficiency of air traffic under “free flight” regimes, viewed as networks of aircraft;
  • Evolution of economic systems: the role of connections and micro/macro relationships in evolving economic systems.

Topics that address enabling theory and tools are also welcome, including complex systems science, agent-based modelling and simulation, grid computing middleware and advanced visualisation, human computer interaction, and theory of networks.

How to apply:

Apply to the ACCS Director after the APA or UQPRS is awarded.

Further details of the APA/UQPRS scholarships and of how to apply are on the UQ website.

Closing date for APA/UQPRS applications is 15 October 2004.

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