ACCS Training Seminar

Place: Room 621/622, GP South (Building 78)

Time: Thursday 8th November, 10:30 morning Tea, 11:00am seminar

Title: "How to generate income from Intellectual Property arising from your research"

Speaker: Dr. Paul Sernia, Commercialisation Associate, Uniquest Pty Ltd, University of Queensland

Today the realities of the way universities are funded in Australia require universities to leverage the commercial potential inherent in the research work. This talk will broadly cover intellectual property
and commercialisation. UQ and UniQuest have a unique business model allowing individual researchers to share in the financial income streams which their research can produce.  Paul Sernia will give some background to intellectual property (IP) and its manifestations and then spend some time on specific areas of IP that are of relevance to ACCS.  The talk will also touch upon the University's IP policy and the commercialisation activities that UniQuest undertakes.  Questions and discussion are encouraged at all times.

Dr. Ariel Liebman  
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