Operations Research in Australia: The Experts Speak!

UNSW@ADFA, Canberra, Australia

Register at: http://www.unsw.adfa.edu.au/dsarc/conferences/or_conference.html

Day 1

9:00      Prof. John Baird, Rector, UNSW@ADFA, Welcome

9:05      Dr Nanda Nandagopal, DCDS, DSTO, Opening

9:15      Dr. Jennie Clothier, CDJOD, DSTO, The need for OR in organisations

10:00    Morning Coffee

10:30    Prof. Natashia Boland, University of Newcastle, Progress and challenges in linear programming, integer programming, and their applications

11:30    Prof. Louis Caccetta, Curtin University, Effective computational models for constrained path problems

12:30    Lunch [Officers Mess]

13:30    Prof. Amrik Sohal, Monash, Applying Operations Research to Designing and Managing Supply Chains

14:30    Dr. Ruhul Sarker, UNSW@ADFA, Why use evolutionary computation for solving optimisation problems?

15:30    Afternoon Coffee

16:00    Prof. Neville Curtis, DSTO, Operations Research at the front end

17:00    Close

1900-2200         Conference Dinner, Old Parliament House, King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600]

Day 2

9:00      Dr. Richard Davis, Office of National Security, Prime Minister & Cabinet Department, Challenges for OR in the national security domain

10:00    Morning Coffee

10:30    A/Prof. Moshe Sniedovich, Melbourne University, Responsible decision-making in the face of severe uncertainty

11:30    Prof. Hussein Abbass, UNSW@ADFA, Managing the known and preparing for the unknown: computational scenarios for analysis and planning

12:30    Lunch [Officers Mess]

13:30    Dr. Bruce Fairlie, DSTO, Defence OR in the air domain

14:30    Dr. Paul Whitbread, DSTO, OR for command and control analysis

15:30    Afternoon Coffee

16:00    Russell Hay & Paul Trushell, Geoscience Australia and Attorney General Department, CIPMA: A computational tool to support government & business decision making

17:00    Close

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