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Taming complexity with Behavior Trees...

Centre Chief Investigator Geoff Dromey and his team of researchers have received recent media coverage of their Behavior Engineering methodology.

Finding a simple solution to complex systems

“The Behavior Tree is a work-flow model researchers believe will make big projects easier to manage”

David Binning, The Australian Financial Review, 9 October 2008, p7 Project Management Special Report

Taming complexity in large scale systems

“A new method developed by Professor Geoff Dromey and his team identifies defects in high-risk projects very early in the process, preventing the enormous waste of money inherent in project failure.”

Outcomes. Research in the Real World. Australian Research Council, 2008, 28–31.

Raytheon Australia supports pioneering systems research

Raytheon Australia Media Release, 3 September 2008

Understanding grows on Behavior Trees

Raytheon Australia Flyer, July 2008

“Raytheon Australia is providing financial support and partnering for world leading research by Griffith University to develop the Behavior Tree, a method for eliminating cost blow-outs and schedule overruns in large scale, high risk engineering projects.”


Further details of the team’s Behavior Engineering work are at and

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