GRN Work-in-progress Workshop

ARC Centre for Complex Systems: Genetic Regulatory Networks Program
Work-in-progress Workshop

Thursday 27th January 2005
UQ St Lucia, Room 78-420, 9am-5pm

Aims: To report on ACCS GRN projects and plan future projects.
All ACCS members and interested researchers are invited to attend.

Draft Program

8.45 Coffee in room 78-422

9am Janet Wiles: Welcome and overview
9.15 Jim Hanan: 3 reports - on-going work;
Tim Rudge's 2004 project final report
Henk Stolk's PhD
10.00 Kai Willadsen: 2004 project final report (15+5)
Applications of graph theory in complex systems research
The project wiki is accessible from any ITEE computer at:
10.20 Leighton Brough: ACCS tools coordinator (10+10)

10.40 Coffee break

11.00 Tim Rudge: new project proposal (15+15)
The morphogenesis is in the model: an integrated approach
to multicellular development
11.30 James Watson: 2004 project final report (15+5)
Practical Software Engineering Techniques for Regulatory
Models in Biology
11.50 Dave Carrington: Introduction to Software Patterns (5+5)
12.00 JWiles and JWatson: new project proposal (15+15)
Patterns in Complex Systems Models

12.30 Lunch

2.00 Jen Hallinan: Research report (30 mins)
2.30 Geoff McLachlan: new project proposal (5+5)
On the Training of Mixture of Experts with Multilevel
Gating and Expert Networks
Mark Ragan: ACB Overview <invited> (tbc)
Nisansala Yatanapage and Geoff Dromey <invited> (tbc)
David Green <invited> (tbc)
4.00 Planning meeting (ACCS Centre CIs)

Janet Wiles and Jim Hanan





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