Visiting Speaker: Professor Jaime Barcelo

Seminar Title
Improvements in Methodological Approaches for Traffic Simulation and their Use in Intelligent Transport Systems
Professor Jaime Barcelo
Department of Statistics and Operations Research
Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya
Barcelona Spain
Date and Venue
Thursday 11 August 2005 at 04:00 p.m.
Room 470, Sustainable Minerals Institute, Sir James Foots Building (47A)
The complexity of transportation studies and assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) often require the combination of various analytical tools. A typical situation arises when there is a need to go beyond the usual planning studies and combine strategic transport planning models with operational modelling tools to get a better understanding of network operations and performance. The dialogue between both levels (macro and micro) is usually difficult and inefficient because of the different network representations, modelling approaches and independent software developments. The current practice involves the exchange of data files without guarantee of full consistency in the information exchange between models. This seminar presents a new approach based on a combination of mathematical and computer modelling techniques which have been implemented in the microscopic traffic simulator AIMSUN NG. The effectiveness of the approach will be illustrated with some case studies.
About the Presenter
Jaime Barcelo received a degree in Physics from the Universidad de Valencia in 1967, and a PhD in 1974 from the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. His main research interests are in the fields of optimisation and simulation with special emphasis on Transportation methods. He has participated in a number of EU projects on the development of systems of Cellular Radio for Traffic Efficiency and Safety; Artificial Intelligence Based Traffic Control Systems; Generalised and Advanced Urban Debiting Innovation and Advanced Road Transport Informatics in Spain. He has recently completed the ESPRIT project ASIA on the integration of heterogeneous simulation tools in common software platforms and  in particular bridging the simulation of telecommunication networks including satellite and transport applications. He is currently involved in a number of EU projects dealing with the design and implementation of City and Port Logistics evaluation tools. He is the author of over fifty papers in international scientific journals and conferences. He currently serves as an Associate Editor of the journal Transportation Science.

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