Seminar with Lars Grunske & Katie Duczmal

ACCS Weekly seminar announcement
Time: Thursday 17th March 11:00am
Place: Room 78-621, level 6, General Purpose South

Lars Grunske and one of our summer students Katie Duczmal will present the results of two of the summer projects funded by the ACCS. These are:

1) Larse Grunske: Model translation in XML

This talk will describe approaches for rule-based translation of system
models specified as Behaviour Tree into formal languages that enable model
checking of safety conditions. Behaviour Trees are a graphical notation for
modelling system and software requirements and as formal language, we choose
action systems, which can be checked by the SAL model-checking environment.

2) Katie Duczmal: Extending ATM Models in Prolog

This project will support the ACCS project on the use of intelligent agents
to model air traffic management (ATM) systems. We currently have some simple
ATM models implemented in Qu-Prolog. The aim of this project is to extend
these models by increasing the capabilities of the various agents in the

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