Complex Systems Patterns Workshop II

Call for Participation

Complex Systems Patterns Workshop II

Sydney, 5 Dec 2005

(as part of ACAL*05


The second Complex Systems Patterns Workshop follows the highly successful
First Complex Systems Patterns Workshop.

The patterns workshops provide a forum for complex systems modelers to
discuss modelling insights. The design, development and use of complex
systems models raise a unique class of challenges and potential pitfalls,
many of which are commonly recurring problems. Over time, researchers gain
experience in this form of modelling, choosing algorithms, techniques, and
frameworks that improve the quality, confidence level, and speed of
development of their models. Fields such as software engineering and
architecture have benefited from the development of abstract solutions to
recurring problems, called *patterns*. Using pattern development
techniques from these fields, insights from the complex systems community
can be identified and captured. We believe that a new field of complex
systems patterns will provide an invaluable resource for both practicing
and future generations of modelers.

The second workshop is much briefer than the first. The session will be
interactive, structured around practical software engineering and
understanding and using patterns.

Topics of interest
Patterns are classic solutions to recurring problems, and all aspects of
complex systems modelling are of interest. Topics include but are not
limited to design, implementation, analysis, visualisation, evolutionary
computation, machine learning, how to choose appropriate algorithms,
frameworks for modelling, ...

Workshop Outcomes
The June05 patterns workshop produced a number of study groups working on
patterns. Two of these patterns will be presented in the ACAL conference
later in the week.

This second patterns workshop will discuss patterns in progress and
provides an opportunity to propose topics for future patterns and form new
study groups.

Who should attend
The Complex Systems Patterns workshop brings together Complex Systems
researchers interested in modelling issues, including a wide range of
network, agent-based and other modelling approaches. No experience with
patterns is necessary.

Important Dates
5 Dec 05 Workshop

CSPW II Sponsors
ARC Centre for Complex Systems (ACCS)
ARC Complex and Open Systems Research Network (COSnet)
CSIRO Complex Systems Science
Division of Complex and Intelligent Systems ITEE
Complex Systems Patterns Project

A/Prof Janet Wiles
Division of Complex and Intelligent Systems
School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering
The University of Queensland QLD 4072 AUSTRALIA



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