Seminar with Katie Duczmal

ACCS Weekly Meeting

Place: Room 621, GP South (Building 78)
Time: Thursday 17th November, 10:30 morning Tea. 11:00am seminar

Title:  "Investigation of Two Java-based Simulation Frameworks to use for
Agent Based Modelling - DIAS and JACK"
Presenter: Katie Duczmal

There are many Java-based simulation frameworks currently available.  This
seminar presents an investigation into two such frameworks (DIAS and JACK)
as well as a comparison between these and recommendations for the
suitability of these frameworks in particular types of modelling and
simulation (in particular agent based simulation). DIAS (Dynamic Information
Architecture System - ) is a system tailored for
simulations that link domain-specific models from different sources together
that may be written in differing languages.  JACK
( is an system for creating
Belief-Desire-Intention agent simulations.  This system consists of an IDE
(that allows simulation architectures to be developed graphically) as well
as the JACK language, a superset of Java (which translated into Java code at
compile time).

Katie is finishing her Honours year in ITEE and this seminar is part of her
final assessment for a special topics research project undertaken with the

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