Visiting Speaker: Prof Kit Po Wong

Enhanced Evolutionary Programming For Optimal Reactive Power Flow Problem

Speaker: Professor Kit Po Wong, Department of Electrical Engineering, The
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
When: 12.00PM, Thu 30 Jun 2005
Venue: 78-420
Host: Dr Z.Y. Dong

  Many conventional gradient-based algorithms have been used to solve
  the power system optimization problems. However, their common
  disadvantages are a) requiring continuous and differentiable
  objective functions, b) easy to be trapped into local minimum, and
  c) difficult to handle discrete control variables. To overcome these
  disadvantages, more flexible evolutionary algorithms including
  genetic algorithm, evolutionary strategy, evolutionary programming
  and particle swarm optimization have been studied since
  mid-1990s. Some works have recently been performed in the
  Computational Intelligence Applications Research Laboratory
  (CIARLab) in the Department of Electrical Engineering at HKPolyU on
  the applications of evolutionary algorithms in power system
  optimization problems.

  In this seminar, a comprehensive study on some recently developed
  evolutionary programming techniques for the ORPF flow problem
  carried out at CIARLab will first be presented. It then describes
  how by comparing the performances of four control schemes of the
  strategy parameter (CSSPs) of evolutionary programming, two
  principles for designing effective CSSPs can be identified and used
  to develop two improved CSSPs. Performance studies of the improved
  evolutionary programming methods conducted on the IEEE 14-, 30- and
  118-bus test systems will also be described.

  Professor Kit Po Wong obtained M.Sc, Ph.D. and the Higher Doctorate
  DEng degrees from the University of Manchester, Institute of Science
  and Technology, in 1972, 1974 and 2001 respectively. Prof. Wong was
  with The University of Western Australia since 1974 and joined The
  Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 2002 as Chair Professor and Head
  of Department of Electrical Engineering. Prof. Wong received three
  Sir John Madsen Medals (1981, 1982 and 1988) from the Institution of
  Engineers Australia, the 1999 Outstanding Engineer Award from IEEE
  Power Chapter Western Australia and the 2000 IEEE Third Millennium
  Award. He has published numerous papers in power system protection,
  stability, electromagnetic transient evaluations and artificial
  intelligence applications in power. His recent research interests
  include evolutionary computation applications to power system
  planning, operations and power market analysis. Professor Wong has
  involved in organising many international power conferences and was
  General Chair of IEE APSCOM 2004 and IEEE PowerCon 2000, and is the
  Local Chair of the IEEE IAS General Meeting 2005. He is a Technical
  Co-Chair of the IEEE ICMLC 2004 conference. He is an Honorary Editor
  of IEE Proceedings in Generation, Transmission and Distribution and
  Editor (Electrical) of the Transactions of Hong Kong Institution of
  Engineers. Prof. Wong is a Fellow of IEEE, IEE, IEAust and HKIE.

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