Visiting Speaker: Keith Clark

Title: "BDI agents with Teleo-Reactive Plans"

Speakr: Professor Keith Clark from the Department of Computing at Imperial
College, London

Time: 11 am, Friday 1st April

Place: Room 78-622, General Purpose South, level 6.

This very informal talk will first separately introduce the concept of a BDI
agent architectures - much used for practical reasoning deliberative agents
- and Teleo-Reactive (TR) programs which are used for programming goal
directed reactive agents and robots.  BDI agents react to events by invoking
plans from a plan library selected using current beliefs.
TR programs are robust plans that can automatically respond to opportunities
and setbacks caused by actions of other agents that can be perceived.

We will then sketch a combined architecture in which a BDI agents use TR
program as their plan which we are intending to use for a deliberative
robots control architecture but which we believe has potential for a variety
of agent applications requiring reactive goal directed behaviour that
switches behaviour based on events and beliefs.

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