Seminar with Simon Connelly

Investigating Shared Situation Awareness using Agent-based Modelling

Speaker: Simon Connelly, ITEE
When: 10.00AM, Fri 05 Aug 2005
Venue: 78-420
Host: Peter Lindsay

  With the increased interest in systems with distributed decision
  makingtasks, such as network centric warfare and free-flight air
  traffic control,the concept of shared situation awareness (SSA) has
  become more important.Specifically, a means of defining SSA and
  measuring how it affects taskperformance is required. To date
  researchers have primarily used human team-based experiments to
  measure the effects of SSA, but the definition of SSA and how to
  measure it are problematic. This project will investigate the use of
  agent based modelling to give more precise definitions of SSA, and
  to examine how it can best be measured and achieved.

  Simon Connelly is a PhD student in the ARC Centre for Complex

Type: Ph.D confirmation
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