Seminar with Tim Rudge

Date: Thursday 4th August, 10:30am

Location: 78-621, GP South

Title: Untangling the Multiple Mechanisms of Plant Morphogenesis

Morphogenesis is the process of formation of macroscopic shape in
multicellular organisms, occuring in plants primarily via cell growth and
division. Three main mechanisms regulate this process: 1. Physical
interactions between cells, 2. Intercellular signalling, and 3. Genetic
regulation. These processes interact with each other via multiple feedback
loops, making it difficult to assess their individual contributions in the
laboratory. Theoretical models, however, allow direct and arbitrary
specification of limits on each morphogenetic mechanism, and thus allow
quantitative estimation of their level of influence. I will present such a
model and describe its application to estimate the influence of physical
interactions between cells on plant morphogenesis.

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