Seminar with Zhao Dong

ACCS Weekly Meeting-Thursday 26th May

Speaker: Dr. Zhao Dong
Time: 11:00am
Place: Rm-621/622 General Purpose South

Transmission pricing for a competitive electricity market: a new market
probability distribution based transmission method

Power transmission system is an essential part for the overall power grid.
With the deregulation of power industry over the past decades, the
transmission network remains regulated because of its critical role in
system security and reliability. However, with the generation side
deregulated into a competitive market, there are increasing pressure to
improve the efficiency of the transmission network services. Proper
transmission pricing in a market situation is the key element in improving
the efficiency and reliability of the transmission network services.
Traditionally, transmission pricing methods depends on the power flow and
system losses dur to power transfer through out the network. These
techniques doe not consider the inputs from the social and economical side
where the power grid is located. This project aims at exploring the social
and economical impacts as well as the power flow information in the
transmission network using probabilistic methods in order to form a
framework of transmission pricing which can enhance the efficiency and
reliability of the transmission network services.

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