Seminar with Lars Grunske & Students

Place: Room 621, GP South
Time: Thursday 25th August, 10:30 morning Tea. 11:00am seminar

Title: Airspace Simulation with Cellular Automata
Presenter: Lars Grunske, David Lee, Jie Chen, Gregory Lukowski

Cellular automata are a class of simple mathematical models that can be used
describe the evolution in complex dynamic systems. We present the results of
a project that uses these cellular automata to simulate airplanes in the
airspace near an airport. This simulation can be used to evaluate collision
avoidance strategies which are implanted as update rules within the cellular
automata. Examples of further applications is the calculation of delay
propagations if one airplane does not arrive on schedule at the airport.

World-class basic and applied inter-disciplinary research on questions fundamental to understanding, designing and managing complex systems
2009 The ARC Centre for Complex Systems, Australia