Visiting Speaker: Silvana Zappacosta

Title: "Programming Multi-Agent Systems in Qu-Prolog"

Speaker: Silvana Zappacosta
Department of Computing
Imperial College London

Place: 78-621/622 General Purpose South
Time: 10:30am 1st of September, Morning Tea Provided.

Qu-Prolog is a multi-threaded and distributed version of Prolog with support
for high-level communication between the threads. Agents can communicate
using a thread-to-thread term messages, a publish and subscribe event
notification system, or via the shared Prolog dynamic database. The first
two allow threads in different Qu-Prolog process anywhere on the internet to
communicate, the last one is restricted to threads in the same process.

The seminar will introduce the three styles of communication and illustrate
them using the case of concurrent auctions as a multi-agents application and
also define a suitable architecture for it.

This work is a collaboration between Prof. Keith Clark (Imperial College),
Dr Peter Robinson (ITEE) and Silvana Zappacosta (Imperial College).

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