Personal Software Engineering Discussion Group

Place: Room 420, GP South (Building 78)

Time: Friday 10th February 2006, 12 noon coffee/tea, 12:10 talk

Title: "Pragmatic Software Engineering in the Visible Cell Project"

Presenter: Lindsay Hood


The Visible Cell Project (VCP) is an ambitious undertaking within IMB and the ARC Centre in Bioinformatics to build a software system in which abstract biological models and questions can be anchored to real 3-dimensional data of cell structures obtained from optical and electron microscopy. It means many things to different people, and available resources are completely inadequate to deliver on the  grand vision that at least some people have. Therefore, corralling requirements and utilising existing software tools and frameworks is an important risk management strategy.

This talk will describe some of the science drivers for the project, and the software engineering decisions taken and progress to date.

Lindsay Hood is the high performance computing manager at IMB, with degrees in computer science and a PhD in computational chemistry. He has worked for 15 years in "technical computing" in both customer and vendor roles with a variety of organisations, private and public.

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