Winter School - Air Traffic Control

"Come and experience the future of Air Traffic Management.  Can you find a way to make the increasingly congested skies safer?"

During the Air Traffic Control day, you will learn why the world’s airspaces are critically important examples of complex systems.  You will learn how to use intelligent agent based modelling to simulate the air traffic controllers and the pilots. This research is at the leading edge of complex systems science and artificial intelligence.

Wednesday 6th July - Air Traffic Control

This session will introduce participants to complex systems from the point of view of modelling Air Traffic Control.  You will be shown the fundamentals of ATC simulation by two of the leading researchers in the field: Peter Lindsay, who is the Boeing Professor of Systems Engineering at the UQ School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering and the Director of the ACCS, Dr. Peter Robinson, the creator of QuProlog programming language, for the School of IT and Electrical Engineering


Free flight and Air Traffic Control
Speaker:  Peter Lindsay
This talk will introduce fundamental concepts and terminology of Air Traffic Control (ATC). It will describe plans for major changes to the way ATC is done in Australia and overseas.


Case study of an operator model
Speaker:  Peter Lindsay
An in detail look at a model how air traffic controllers go about one part of their task, namely resolving conflicts by revising flight level clearances.

10:30-11:00am Morning tea


Using Intelligent Agents for Modelling in the ATC Domain
Speaker:  Peter Robinson
An overview of the Qu-Prolog language and its use in the ATC domain.


Monte Carlo simulation in Air Traffic control
Speaker:  Ariel Liebman
An overview of Monte Carlo simulation and the use of probability distributions to perform risk management.

12:30-1:30pm Lunch


A real Air Traffic Control Simulation Exercise, Part I
Starting with an introduction to the tools used at the ARC Centre for Complex systems to simulate behaviour and going on to experimentation with some potentially hazardous airspace scenarios.

3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Tea


A real Air Traffic Control Simulation Exercise, Part II
Getting into solving some interesting modelling problems to resolve a more difficult airspace problem.

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