Winter School - Presentations

The following papers were presented at the ACCS Complex Systems Winter School from 4-8th July 2005.

Day 1: Introduction to Complex Systems

Cellular Automata, Janet Wiles (978k)

Day 2: Genetic Regulatory Networks

Fractals, Plants and Ecosystems: Capturing nature's patterns with L-systems, Jim Hanan (1.8M)

The Modelling and Simulation of Cellular Kinetics, Kevin Burrage (849k)

Day 3: Air Traffic Control

Free Flight and Air Traffic Control, Peter Lindsay (1.3M)

ATC Simulator Project Demonstrator Concept #3 handout, (158k)

Using Intelligent Agents for Modelling in the ATC Domain, Peter Robinson (1.2M)

Monte Carlo Simulations in Complex Systems, Ariel Liebman (655k)

ATC Exercise handout, (87k)

Day 4: Micro, Meso, Macro

Complexity and Economic Evolution: with Applications to Financial Markets, Jason Potts & John Foster (236k)

Computational Methods for Non-Cooperative Game Theory, Stuart McDonald (1.3M)

How complex is sharing the cost of non-pointsource pollution costs?, Rodney Beard (599k)  Background reading (151k)


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