Seminar with Lars Grunske

ACCS jointly with the Systems and Software Engineering group at the School of ITEE

Title:  Identifying "Good" Architectural Design Alternatives with Multi-Objective Optimization Strategies

Speaker: Lars Grunske

When: 10:00, Friday, 19 May 2006

Venue: 78-621

Architecture trade-off analysis methods are appropriate techniques to evaluate design decisions and design alternatives with respect to conflicting quality requirements. However, the identification of good design alternatives is a time consuming task, which is currently performed manually. To automate this task, this paper proposes to use evolutionary algorithms and multi-objective optimization strategies based on architecture refactorings to identify a sufficient set of design alternatives. This approach will reduce development costs and improve the quality of the final system, because an automated and systematic search will identify more and better design alternatives.

Hospitality: Ariel Liebmann

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