Visiting Speaker: Dr Jennifer Hallinan

Wed 13 Dec 2006, 10:30 AM: Morning Tea provided in 4th floor Tea Room (78-423)

Creating and Analyzing Integrated Probabilistic Functional Networks of Omics Data

Speaker: Dr Jennifer Hallinan, Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
When: 11.00AM, Wed 13 Dec 2006
Venue: 78-420
Host: Prof Janet Wiles

The last decade has seen the amount of high-throughput, genome-wide biological data (omics data) increase dramatically. While the analysis of networks constructed from individual data types, such as protein-protein interaction networks, has provided valuable insights into biological processes, this approach does not make best use of all the data available. In this talk I describe work underway at Newcastle University and elsewhere to integrate data from diverse sources into a single  network,  with probabilistic edge weightings. I also discuss the types of analysis to which these networks are amenable, and the biological insights which they can provide.
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