Visiting Speaker: Miika Valtonen

Title: Pervasive Measurement Systems for Intelligent Environments

Speaker: Miika Valtonen,Tampere University of Technology

Place: Room 621/622, GP South (Building 78)

Time:  Thursday 25th October, 10:30 morning Tea, 11:00am seminar

Abstract:  The smart home project at Tampere started in 1999 with the conversion of a laboratory space into a smart living room. More information about the living room and the technology used there can be found at our website:

The smart home is the base for our eHome research project, and it is primarily used as a testing and demonstration environment here at Tampere University of Technology. The smart home was built in 2002 to resemble a normal 69m2 flat with a bedroom, living room, kitchen, sauna and bathroom.

Normal household items and furniture has been installed to make the space seem comfortable and familiar. The home is used for testing prototypes, usability testing, measurements and product demonstrations.

The main research problem of the new MorpHome project is: How distributed, non-intrusive access and input can be designed and implemented so that it facilitates adaptive control and awareness in a proactive home environment?


Miika Valtonen is a postgraduate researcher at the Tampere University of Technology. He is doing research in the Personal Electronics Group at the Institute of Electronics. His main research interests are pervasive measurement systems for intelligent environments.

He has also studied adaptive fuzzy control systems for home control. He received his Master of Science in October 2006 from Tampere University of Technology, majoring in Embedded Systems.

He has been working in the academics for 2 years and is working on his postgraduate studies.

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