Visiting Speaker: Dr Anil Wipat

How can e-Science and Grid technology benefit bioinformatics?

Speaker: Dr Anil Wipat, Newcastle University, UK
When: Wednesday 9 January 2008, 11am
Where: GP South Room 78-420

The UK has seen a massive investment in e-Science over the past five
years. Whilst the impact of this investment is now starting to reap
rewards in many areas of science, the application of e-Science to
biology and bioinformatics has been particularly successful. In this
talk I will give an overview of e-Science in the UK and show how the
application of Grid technology can provide enormous benefits to the
analysis of Biological data. In particular I will illustrate these
benefits by reference to projects underway in the North East Regional
e-Science Centre and School of Computing Science at Newcastle, in the
areas of systems biology, comparative genomics, neuroinformatics and
data integration.

Host: Janet Wiles


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