Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica

Tuesday May 20 - 1:30pm - 4.30pm in 78-411

Introduction to Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica including Hands-on Exercises - bring your laptops!

Afternoon tea will be provided, courtesy of the ACCS.

About the Tutorial
The tutorial gives an introduction to the Modelica language to people who are familiar with basic programming concepts or traditional modeling and simulation. It gives a basic introduction to the concepts of modeling and
simulation, as well as the basics of object-oriented component-based modeling, and a an overview of modeling and simulation in a number of application areas.

About Modelica
Modelica is particularly well suited to the modeling and simulation of electrical, electro-mechanical and many biological systems, and will therefore be of particular interest in the ITEE school. More generally
Modelica can be viewed as an almost universal approach to high level computational modeling and simulation, by being able to represent a range of application areas and providing general notation as well as powerful abstractions and efficient implementations. It is well suited to the simulation and modeling of complex systems and will also be of particular interest to researchers in the ACCS (ARC Centre for Complex Systems). Please feel free to forward this email to others who may be interested.

See for more information on Modelica and OpenModelica.

About Peter
Professor Fritzson has been instrumental in the development of Modelica from its inception. He is current Vice Chairman of the Modelica Association. He is also director of the Programming Environments Laboratory at Linköping University, and has published ten books/proceedings and more than 170 scientific papers.

About the Tutorial
The tutorial is based on Peter Fritzson's recent book on the subject and has been given at several conferences.

Peter Fritzson, Principles of Object-Oriented Modeling and Simulation with Modelica, 939 pages, Wiley-IEEE Press, ISBN 0-471-471631

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