ACCS PhD Students

Research by postgraduate research students under the supervision of Centre staff contributed significantly to the Centre's longer-term research goals. By providing high quality training environments, the Centre actively aimed to retain Australia's best young complex systems researchers within the country. Some students were awarded scholarship or top-up funding by the Centre.  Other students were working on complex systems related projects, and supervised by an active Centre participant. Centre funding also enabled students to attend conferences and workshops, to present their work and to gain a wider perspective on research and technical innovation.

PhDs Awarded (while students were affiliated with the Centre)

Sameer Alam (UNSW@ADFA 2008) ‘Evolutionary scenario planning for evaluating advanced air traffic management concepts’
Advisors: Hussein Abbass, Michael Barlow & Peter Lindsay

Jennifer Badham (UNSW@ADFA 2008) ‘The role of social network properties on the impact of direct contact epidemics’
Advisor: Hussein Abbass & Robert Stocker

Rodney Beard (UQ 2006) 'Ito stochastic control theory, stochastic differential games and the economic theory of mobile pastoralism'
Advisors: Colin Brown & John Mott

Mark Bowden (UQ 2008) ‘Can the interaction of heterogeneous agents explain price fluctuations in financial markets?’
Advisors: Jason Potts, Stuart McDonald & John Foster

Lam Bui (UNSW@ADFA 2007) ‘The role of explicit niching and communication messages in distributed multi-objective optimisation’
Advisors: Hussein Abbass, Daryl Essam, David Green & Kalyanmoy Deb

Gang Cao (UQ 2009) Stability analysis and control of large scale power systems’
Advisor: Zhao Yang Dong

Elizabeth Dun (UQ 2008)  ‘Computational analysis of branching and flowering in pea plants’
Advisors: Christine Beveridge & Jim Hanan

Nicholas Geard (UQ 2006) ‘Artificial ontogenies: a computational model of the control and evolution of development’
Advisor: Janet Wiles

John Hawkins (UQ 2008) ‘Machine architectures for biological sequence classification’
Advisors: Mikael Boden & Janet Wiles

Tim Kastelle (UQ 2008)  ‘Analysing the evolution of international trade: A complex networks approach—measuring globalisation in the international trade network from 1938–2003’
Advisors: Peter Liesch, John Steen & Jason Potts

Xilin Li (UQ 2008)  ‘Visualisation and adaptation in complex systems: hydropower system case study’
Advisors: Penelope Sanderson & Zhao Yang Dong

Stefan Maetschke (UQ 2007)  ‘Topological models of transmembrane proteins for subcellular localisation prediction’
Advisors: Marcus Gallagher, Geoff McLachlan & Mikael Boden

John Mansfield (UQ 2005)  ‘Investigating the proposal that socio-technical systems should be viewed as co-evolving systems and that their design may be informed by this view’
Advisor: Simon Kaplan

Yateendra Mishra (UQ 2009) ‘Stability studies in a deregulated power system’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Pei Zhang (EPRI)

Minh Ha Nguyen (UNSW@ADFA 2006) ‘Cooperative coevolutionary mixture of experts: A neuro ensemble approach for automatic decomposition of classification problems’
Advisors: Hussein Abbass & Robert I. McKay

Anisah Nizar (UQ 2008) ‘Data Mining techniques and technologies in customer information billing system to predict, forecast and estimate the customer behaviour in electricity market’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Penny Sanderson

Andrew Rae (UQ 2007) ‘A behaviour-based methodology for fault tree generation’
Advisor: Peter Lindsay

Aaron Searle (QUT 2007) ‘Automatic relative debugging’
Advisors: John Gough & David Abramson

Lesley Seebeck (UQ 2006) ‘Emergent temporal behaviour in socio-technical Systems : A framework for the temporal analysis of systems and three case studies’
Advisor: Simon Kaplan

Kamran Shafi (UNSW@ADFA 2008)  ‘An online and adaptive signature-based approach for intrusion detection using learning classifier systems’
Advisors: Hussein Abbass & Weibing Zhou

Henk Stolk (UQ 2005) ‘Emergent models in hierarchical and distributed simulation of complex systems’
Advisors: Kevin Gates & Jim Hanan

James Watson (UQ 2006) ‘From genotypes to phenotypes and back again: Modeling the interaction between individual behaviour and evolution’
Advisors: Janet Wiles, Jim Hanan & Mikael Bodén

Lian Wen (Griffith 2008) ‘Mapping requirements changes to design changes’
Advisor: Geoff Dromey

Larry Lin Feng Weng (UQ 2008) ‘Advanced techniques for engine optimisation and control’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong

Kai Willadsen (UQ 2006) ‘Robustness in Boolean models of genetic regulatory systems’
Advisor: Janet Wiles

Ang Yang (UNSW@ADFA 2007) ‘A networked multi-agent combat model: Emergence explained’
Advisor: Hussein Abbass, Ruhul Sarker & Neville Curtis (DSTO)

Guang Ya Yang (UQ 2008) ‘Electricity market management and planning’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & David Hill

Junhua Zhao (UQ 2007) ‘Electricity market management and analysis using advanced data mining and statistical methods’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Xue Li

Xuelin Zheng (Griffith 2008) ‘A model for characterising requirements and design defects’
Advisor: Geoff Dromey


PhD Students

Mohsin Ali (UQ) ‘Efficient grid based algorithms for power system data analysis’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Xue Li

Ardiaty Arief (UQ) ‘The application of fuzzy logic controller for frequency control ancillary services in competitive electricity market’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Marcus Gallagher

Shane Arnott (UQ) ‘The impact of advanced technologies in support of decision making in complex environments’
Advisors: Peter Lindsay, Jonathan Searle & Richard Davis

Shahaan Ayyub (Griffith) "Advanced scheduling services for the Grid"
Advisor: David Abramson

Paul Bell (UQ) ‘Simulating the process of profit expectations formation using an agent based model’
Advisors: John Foster, Phillip Wild, Rodney Strachan

Brett Campbell (UQ) ‘Designing to maintain human agency in context-aware systems’
Advisors: Margot Brereton & Ted McFadden

Tim Cederman-Haysom (UQ) ‘Participatory design of ubiquitous computing’
Advisors: Margot Brereton & Peter Sutton

Philip Chan (Monash) "NetFiles: A novel approach to parallel programming
Advisor: David Abramson

Kuang Yuan Steven Chen (UQ) ‘An approach for the architecture of a “multi-agent system” environment’
Advisors: Peter Lindsay & Hussein Abbass

Xia Chen (UQ) ‘Data mining and statistical methods for electricity market analysis’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Dianhui Wang (LaTrobe University)

Mikolaj Cieslak (UQ) ‘Modelling carbon allocation in kiwifruit vine’
Advisors: Jim Hanan, Christine Beveridge & Alla Seleznyova

Simon Connelly (UQ) ‘Use of agent based modelling to investigate shared situation awareness: how it is defined, established and measured’
Advisors: Peter Lindsay & Marcus Gallagher

Brijesh Dongol (UQ) ‘Formal reasoning about progress in concurrent programs’
Advisors: Ian Hayes & Robert Colvin

Jared Donovan (UQ) ‘Participatory design of gestural interfaces in complex multi-modal work environments’
Advisors: Margot Brereton & Stephen Viller

Ezekiel Golan (UQ) ‘Individual-based modelling of insect behaviour’
Advisor: Jim Hanan

Wojtek Goscinski (Griffith) "Application deployment in Grid Systems"
Advisor: David Abramson

Liqi Han (UQ) ‘Mathematical and computational methods for modelling control of plant development and function’
Advisors: Jim Hanan & Peter Gresshoff

Tim Ho (Griffith) "Grid program construction in the GriddLeS system"
Advisor: David Abramson

Geoffrey Jones (UQ) ‘General belief theory: Toward an integrated framework for the general analysis of socioeconomic phenomena’
Advisors: Tom Mandeville & John Foster

Ashok Kanagarajah (UQ) ‘Characteristics, strategies and trend for health sector supply chain in Australia’
Advisors: Peter Lindsay, David Cook & David Parker

Steven Yi-Chi Kong (UQ) ‘A comprehensive study of grid integration of wind generation: analysis and control’
Advisor: Zhao Yang Dong

Donny Kurniawan (Monash) ‘Integrated software development environments for the Grid’
Advisor: David Abramson

Kevin Kai Lin (Griffith) ‘Collaborative editing of Behavior Trees’
Advisors: David Chen, Chengzhen Sun & Geoff Dromey

Jennie Miao Lu (UQ) ‘Probabilistic transmission expansion planning in competitive electricity market’
Advisor: Zhao Yang Dong

John Zhe Lu (UQ) ‘Electricity market planning and management’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & Penelope Sanderson

Sam MacAulay (UQ) ‘The division of labour and innovation in communities of practise: Insights from an analysis of problem solving networks’
Advisors: Lars Håkanson (Copenhagen Business School) John Steen & Tim Kastelle

Alisdair MacDiarmid (UQ) ‘Adaptive requirements elicitation in distributed complex systems’
Advisor: Peter Lindsay & Anne-Marie Grisogono

Michelle McPartland (UQ) ‘Evolutionary techniques in complex environments’
Advisors: Marcus Gallagher & Janet Wiles

Jason Ke Meng (UQ) ‘Intelligent fault diagnosis approach to high voltage transmission line’
Advisors: Zhao Yang Dong & David Hill

Kate Morrison (UQ) ‘The value of markets’
Advisors: Peter Earl & John Foster

Toby Myers (Griffith) ‘Model driven engineering using the Behavior Engineering methodology’
Advisors: Geoff Dromey & Vladimir Estivill-Castro

Greg Paperin (Monash) ‘The role of extrinsic disturbances and phase changes in the evolution of natural and artificial complex systems’
Advisor: David Green

Alan Raine (UQ) ‘On growth, property and energy transformation’
Advisors: John Foster, Jason Potts & Tom Mandeville

Ella Reeks (UQ) ‘Agent coordination in emerging markets’
Advisors: Tom Mandeville, John Foster & Peter Earl

Blaize Rhodes (UQ) ‘Presence, awareness and a process trellis’
Advisor: Simon Kaplan

John Seagrott (Griffith) ‘Investigating potential productivity improvements through a systematically constructive requirements engineering approach’
Advisor: Geoff Dromey

Morgan Smith (UQ) ‘Learning agents to model air traffic control systems’
Advisor: Ariel Liebman & Peter Robinson

Nam Tran (Monash) "Language independent contracts for component software"
Advisor: David Abramson

Philip Valencia (UQ) ‘Can practical distributed robotic solutions be automatically generated for real world applications’
Advisors: Peter Lindsay & Mikhail Prokopenko

Nisansala Yatapanage (Griffith) ‘Formal verification of system designs’
Advisor: Geoff Dromey

Yu-Hei Flora Yeh (UQ) ‘Model selection in machine learning using computational statistics’
Advisors: Marcus Gallagher, Hussein Abbass & Janet Wiles

Donna Xia Yin (UQ) ‘Artificial intelligence and data mining techniques in electricity market forecasting’
Advisors: Tapan Saha & Zhao Yang Dong

Saad Zafar (Griffith) ‘Integrating safety and security requirements into the design of large systems’
Advisor: Geoff Dromey

Joe Xun Zhou (UQ) ‘Investigation of distributed generation and its impact on power grid as a complex system’
Advisor: Ariel Liebman & Geoff James



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