Winter School - Genetic Regulatory Networks

Tuesday 5th July - Genetic Regulatory Networks


Fractals, Plants and Ecosystems: Capturing nature's patterns with L-systems
Speaker: Jim Hanan


The Modelling and simulation of cellular kinetics
Speaker: Kevin Burrage

10:30-11:00am Morning tea


Mapping biology onto computation: a complex systems approach
Speaker: Janet Wiles

Multiple levels of complexity link genotypes to phenotypes, from molecules to minds. Networks are a generic way of studying complexity and provide a basis for exploring the computational properties of biological systems, abstracting away from the myriad details of real biology. This talk will describe a network-based approach to modelling mappings between three levels of biological complexity: nucleotide sequences, genetic regulatory networks and ontogeny.


Die, divide or differentiate: networks underlying cancer
Speaker: Jennifer Hallinan

12:30-1:30pm Lunch


Lab tutorial 1: L-systems using L-studio
Jim Hanan (assisted by Kai Willadsen )

3:00-3:30pm Afternoon Tea


Lab tutorial 2: Random Boolean Networks using Matlab
Kai Willadsen

This session will begin with a brief introduction to Matlab then go on to visualise some of the behaviours of Random Boolean Networks and investigate what these networks tell us about complex systems of interacting elements.

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